Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Ai Khổ Vì Ai

Do you know me? I suffer for whom I cry for.

The happy day was over, the situation was so good

Only the ashes remained.

I want to cry out to the deep blue sky

That my love is just like that life in the moment

Early dark blight, countless mercy

not petaled tan tan.


In the old days of each other's early days, the two of them chanted a love song.

On each other's first day, I took you home

Water moon gentle, the first day of each other

rich love aroma.

Today we have to leave each other, deserted lonely lonely pain.

We had to leave each other, forgetting the minute we first loved.

Silver water moon, people had to give up

like smog after the train.

Do you know me? I won't sleep. I'll wake up.

Sometimes I try to forget but just add a chuốc to my heart


Cuddling yesterday did not remove sadness today.

People side by side when the cup of drunk love is exhausted.

Leaving grief, trot love each other already

Why can we make each other miserable.

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