Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Chuyện Tình Tôi

The bell rang in the ear.

May 8 today is my wedding day

His heart was confused and his lips wanted to say that his heart was falling apart.

Just like in the movies at home that I watch

It was when the MC called out to the two of them to give the wedding ring

The whole crowd sang and I wanted to shatter, I really lost you.

Mr. Eight stood up to the jubilant music,

Sau next to her is holding a toast together.

I stood dazed in the back of the chicken watching you kiss people.

Oh how to say this is just poor students

I don't dare dream of you giving me this love

Charming life only looked at me happy with the sad wedding for me.

I would like to sing a song, my love is deep and deep.

Give it to the bride and groom at night to give it a restroom (a)

I hold a glass of wine to celebrate in the other hand to hold a microphone

Before I could sing, I wanted to go to the capital to have a couple of girls and boys

Once upon a time, holding my hand through the green channel, I said I love you

Love how many years promised to vow why now I left him quickly.

Banana bush howling day, warm bamboo bridge day after day.

Tan devastated his whole heart when he heard that people gave me betel nut.

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