Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Em Sẽ Là Cô Dâu

Since I knew you the first minute

My life is very different from the past

Let him feel the love growing up changes day by day

I know how to treasure

Every moment when i was with you

Find you

Is the most priceless thing in my heart

I was so upset with you

His worries vanish

Only a happy smile is in my heart

Close your eyes and accept my engagement

Love circle of wedding ring

Will prove my love for you

You will be the most beautiful bride in my life

Give him a new life filled with bustling laughter

Giving him the warmth when night comes

Give me thousands of kisses to make my dream fly away

I will be the bride

The happiest in my life

Despite the hardships and difficulties, the two of us will try to overcome

I will be the shoulder to protect you to watch each day

Make my wife love you to the end of life

I will always be with you

And this life people will always cover you

Will be together not far away

And we wish together forever

Bride in him, only in him

Yourself, be my wife offline

Give a deep kiss for a long time

Will hold hands to silver roof head

After many hard times we have had each other

Be my wife, my love

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