Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Đoạn Tuyệt

Let's whisper, say goodbye, dear

Sad day came this moment I was away from people

Love has tumbled, we have stopped each other

From now on, I will know where my life is going

The road in the past is now empty, rainy afternoon

Any promise made still keep extra expenses

Someone who loved someone, who stopped loving me

People do not know that this crushed to pieces

Love each other beautifully in the first moment

It is thought that someone will endure hurting in the end

Through the days and helpless here

Who are you happy with but I'm not good

Injustice shield me when given him

My whole life is now alone for lonely

Well, please smile, happy with people

I myself will find a place to bury forever

Expected how much does not matter

The more he lures, the more gloomy he gets

Well, I had to rescue me

Let me cry and do not bitter lips

The way we love is going into seclusion

It doesn't make sense because there is no love

He passed by, he forgot me

Leaving me back in the wrong direction in life

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