Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Sầu Lẻ Bóng

Darling when trying to forget is when the extra memory

The flow of life is a series of nostalgia

A happy dream is a time of bitterness and tear ... ripping souls

All night I cried when it rained sadly

My heart silently remember the past

Painful from the moment I walked

Into the sugar

That night it rained heavily

Drops of rain dissolve in the rainy season

Take a walk

Sad to cover her wet eyes when separated

My heart is freezing

Whistle tearing space

Great mercy

Looking at the shadow of the train gradually disappeared in the smooth curtain

In autumn, I miss many times when I go home

But people are still absent

Or the passionate charm of that day ... has faded

I have known for a long time that elves are elixir

Life will come

Those who defame themselves still do not ... have to forget

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