Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 2, 2019

Yêu Em Dại Khờ

Stay awake tonight, maybe because you're drunk.

Know how to tell someone because it is no longer with you every day.

I promised to pass, but ended up leaving.

Why did he keep waiting, he fell madly in love.

We went through thunderstorms together but couldn't see each other when the rain melted.

Why does love always make me believe in a dream forever?

The day I turned to walk, the wet rain smudged up the corner of my eyelashes.

Because when love does not need reason despite the heart doing nonsense.

Do not give each other pale love, do not let the heart forever melancholy.

Sometimes when we are too tired we want to leave, remember why we started.

Parting words want to say and you also hurt when we leave.

Is that right?

I fell in love with you ...

Because I fell in love with you foolish, though helpless ...

Love forever, do not fade, he always worshiped. Can not erase the fun day laughing with you.

I do not want the future to love anyone other than you.

Because I loved you stupid idiot uh oh oh ...

Fell in love with you foolishly stupid uh oh oh ....

Because I fell in love with you foolishly uh oh oh ....

Fell in love with you stupid idiot uh oh oh


Last time many styles made us self-cause sadness quarreled and then separated

Picked up the phone accidentally my voice rang

So if I don't say anything more from now on, I should forget my name

Stop it, don't say too much

It's too late to fall back in love again

Goodbye all false promises

What has passed

Old photos of us

Wipe out all the workpieces.

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